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Master guide to online study

If you’re thinking about online study, you’re not alone. You’ll be joining thousands of other Australian students who’ve chosen to complete their university courses online. So, why has studying online become so popular? And is it just as good as studying face-to-face?

How it works:

Studying online was a great option before the pandemic hit – and now it’s only becoming more popular. Online learning has become well-loved because it gives us so much freedom. You’ll be able to study whenever and wherever you like – and finish your course with exactly the same qualifications you’d receive if you’d studied on campus.

A common myth about online study is that you’ll feel isolated from peers and learning advisors. At Federation University Online, we want you to feel supported during every process, from enrolment, to coursework, to staying connected with your fellow students. Our support team are on hand to answer your questions, whether they’re about studying itself, or even just getting help logging on if you need it. You’ll also have access to our buzzing online student community, where you can meet your digital study buddies and make lifelong friends. You’ll be able to dive into your learning journey with a large network of support and get an amazing new qualification while you’re at it.

What does online study look like?

Our courses are designed specifically for an online classroom, which means you’ll get to do a whole lot more than listen to lectures. During your course you will:

  • Participate in weekly live sessions with expert Online Learning Advisors, who are passionate about helping you reach your goals
  • Complete online modules to help solidify your knowledge
  • Interact on discussion boards and communicate online via the Student Hub. This will be your go-to place to submit assignments, talk to your peers, ask questions and access support

The best part is – you can do this anywhere with an internet connection – which means there’s nothing stopping you from studying at a local café that just so happens to make your favourite coffee…

You’ll need to set aside a certain number of hours per week to dedicate to your studies. To help you with this, you’ll be able to see how many hours of study are recommended in each of your chosen units. You can also reach out to our friendly support team if you’d like advice based on your individual circumstances. We understand that life can sometimes get busy, and it’s important to us to help you succeed no matter which other commitments you might have daily.

There will be four teaching periods per year and during each you will have exams and assessments for each unit. You will have holidays and breaks between each teaching period, to ensure you’re able to rest and refresh during your studies.

Your Online Learning Advisors will prepare you for your assessments, so there’s no need to be nervous. You’ll be able to use their feedback to help your learning. Many of your Advisors have worked in the industry, so they’ll be great at helping you refine the skills you need to get your dream job upon graduation.

When you graduate, you’ll be invited to an in-person ceremony, meaning you’ll get to celebrate your achievement the same way you would if you’d studied on campus.

Why do students love online study so much?

Whilst on campus study can be great – you can’t do it in your pyjamas. You also can’t easily hold down a day job at the same time. You’d need to attend in-person seminars several times a week, commute to the campus, carry your books and have far less flexibility when choosing your timetable.

When it comes to online study, you’ll have no need to compromise your lifestyle. You can play with the kids during the day and study once they’re in bed. You can choose your own hours, meaning you can work alongside your studies with ease. You’ll save time and money by avoiding the commute – and you’ll do all of this while receiving the same high-quality learning you would if you were on campus.

Instead of studying in a crowded library, you can work at the park, the beach, a café, and best of all, set up a personalised study space at home. You can stock up on your favourite study snacks, light a candle, put your slippers on – there are no rules – after all, you’re at home!

There’s another major perk to online study that isn’t widely known. When you’re on campus, it can be hard to access support sometimes. You have to make appointments, wait in queues, sometimes even make the commute just to talk to someone about your schedule. When you study online, you’ll have all that support at your fingertips. Anyone you need is a message or call away.

This applies to your studies too. Sometimes it can feel far less intimidating to ask a Learning Advisor for help when its via email or video chat. Your Online Learning Advisors want the best for you and will always be approachable if you need an extra hand in one of your units.

How do I know if I’m eligible?

Each course will have its own entry requirements. You can begin a course from a series of different entry points. Some courses will allow you to study if you have either completed Year 12, completed part of another course or have relevant work experience. It’s important that you check the exact entry requirements, which you can do by visiting the course page. For example, some courses might require school leavers to have completed Units 3 and 4 English and/or Mathematics. Feel free to contact our support team to talk about which options might be available to you.

Ways we support your success

Everyone’s learning journey is different. We offer a range of support services to help you with personal, academic and financial needs.

You can apply for extensions or special consideration if you’re unable to complete your assignment on time. An extension is a more informal request for extra time; however, you might like to apply for special consideration if you are experiencing an ongoing need for support. This might be due to reasons such as health, mental health, personal reasons or more. Our support team is on hand to offer you guidance should you need it.

Every course has fees. You may be able to access support for your course fees. Domestic and International students may have different fee-paying requirements. For everything you need to know about fees and scholarships, visit the course page (for example, if you’re interested in studying a Bachelor of Food and Nutrition, you would head to that page) and scroll down to the fees section, which will outline everything you need to know. It’s important to remember different courses will have different fee requirements.

No matter where you’re studying from, or which course you’re completing, it’s important to remember why you’re studying in the first place. Enrolling in your online course could be the first step to securing your dream career. So, what are you waiting for? Visit a course page and find out where your Federation University degree could take you.