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How studying psychology can help your own mental health

Discover the personal benefits that can come from studying psychology

There has never been a more critical time to pursue a career in mental health. As new research emerges about how the pandemic affected public health, there is more focus on mental health than ever before. In fact, as a result, WHO (the World Health Organisation) just released its largest review of world mental health since the turn of the century, giving us access to the latest insights into 21st-century mental health.

Whether it be anxiety or depression, over 8.6 million Australians have struggled with their mental health in their lifetime. With the high number of Australians who struggle with their mental health rapidly increasing, the demand for psychologists and mental health professionals has spiked in recent years. 

A comprehensive psychology program can equip you with the skills required to forge a career where you can help others with their mental health. However, what many may fail to realise is that as well as helping others, it can also provide you with a range of personal skills. These can then be used to understand how your own mind works, and can support your own mental health in the process. 

Psychologists and mental health support workers are specifically trained to understand how the human mind works and the different stressors that can impact our lives. Therefore, they are able to apply that same knowledge and experience to their own lives to maintain their mental health

The Bachelor of Psychological Science will equip you with the central communication, research, critical thinking and problem-solving skills necessary to help yourself, as well as many others in an area that affects so many Australians. 

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