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Why you should do a postgraduate nursing program

With the health care and social assistance industry being the largest employing industry in Australia and demand for nurse unit managers expected to grow by 23.1% in 2026, now is a perfect time to pursue a postgraduate degree in this crucial field.

We offer you the opportunity to study postgraduate nursing programs online, allowing you to advance your career, without having to leave your current job or lifestyle behind. Our nursing programs, such as the Master of Health (Advanced Nursing) or Graduate Diploma in Health (Advanced Nursing), are designed in collaboration with the nursing industry to ensure you’re equipped with the latest knowledge so that you become a confident, highly employable graduate. They will give you the confidence, expertise and qualifications you need to take on more advanced roles within the profession. 

Financial benefits of a postgraduate nursing degree

Nurses who have undertaken a postgraduate degree can often demand higher salaries than those who haven’t. This is due to employers viewing them as having greater expertise and experience, which in turn translates into better pay packages. 

For example, during our Master of Advanced Nursing, you will learn methods for clinical analysis, develop leadership skills for health environments and gain advanced knowledge of human pathophysiology. The capstone work-integrated learning project of the program will then let you apply the advanced-level clinical concepts which you learned during your studies.

Furthermore, studying a postgraduate degree can open up new possibilities within your profession; if you’ve completed one in a related field such as midwifery or research, it could lead to promotions or higher-level positions that offer better remuneration.

Rated #1 course across multiple categories

#1 in Victoria for graduate outcomes

We received 5 stars for Skills Development in Health Services, placing our programs in the top 20% in Australia.
We received 5 stars for Learner Engagement in Health Services, meaning that most students felt engaged throughout their studies.

Long-term career gains

Beyond any financial benefit, taking a postgraduate nursing program will also help you develop your skill set and knowledge base. You’ll be exposed to new ideas and cutting-edge practices that you may not have encountered before, allowing you to learn from influential experts in the field.

This means that when you go back into practice, you’ll have far more confidence as well as improved capabilities in handling complex cases or dealing with difficult situations. This makes it easier for you to move forward with your career into more senior positions such as Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Nurse educator or Nurse Unit Manager. These roles are often out of reach for nurses who lack further qualifications or training.

I’ve absolutely loved it, even though I was really worried about studying again. But you make that decision and you make the commitment to do it and it just happens.’
Stacey Krahe, Federation University Graduate, Nursing

Finally, completing one of our postgraduate programs adds credibility to your CV. It helps set you apart from other job applicants when applying for roles or promotions within your current or at a new organisation.

Employers will recognise the extra effort you’ve put into achieving such a qualification, demonstrating the commitment and dedication needed for success. These are qualities that many employers look for in candidates during the recruitment process.

Advance your nursing career

In conclusion, completing a postgraduate nursing program opens up numerous opportunities that would be unavailable without this additional training. Whether they’re professional development opportunities or financial ones – ultimately leading to long-term career growth and an enhanced professional standing within the industry.

If you think studying a Master of Health (Advanced Nursing) or Graduate Diploma in Health (Advanced Nursing) with Federation University Online might be the next step in achieving your personal and/or career goals, get in touch with our friendly Program Consultants to chat about your options, or apply online today

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