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Global Health Determinats

Global Health Determinants

This course provides an orientation to the context of global health care in order to understand the implementation of primary health care strategies across the globe with a specific focus upon factors that facilitate and constrain them. This course provides a critical and advanced level overview of the conceptual underpinnings of the determinants of health and explores different approaches to the global determinants of health including the structural factors and conditions affecting human populations with an emphasis on the determinants.

The common influences upon the health of indigenous populations across the world are compared and contrasted so that patterns of health and disease in developing countries and the factors that influence them can be identified. The importance of health and human rights at a local and global context is also explored and a look toward ethical frameworks for change so that an appreciation of the accomplishments and failures of the western medical model in the third world can be obtained.

Unit Code: HEALT6000

Price: $2000

Credit Points: 30