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Anatomy & Physiology For Health Professionals 1

Anatomy & Physiology For Health Professionals – 1

This course is one of two courses that provide foundational knowledge of human anatomy and
physiology. In this course, the biological basis of human health and the working of the human body will be explored. The major themes of study relate to organisation of the body and explores anatomy and physiology from cells to tissues to organ systems. The course examines, support and movement, and human physiological processes and their integration and control with particular focus on the maintenance of normal body function. The course encourages students to demonstrate an application of biological science knowledge. An integrated whole body approach provides inter-professional learning opportunities and allows scrutiny of structural and physiological changes across the lifespan. This course is open to all health professions for inter-professional learning. Topics include organisation of the human body from chemical and cellular basics to body systems; the maintenance of homeostasis; the structure and function of the musculoskeletal system; the structure and the major integrative functions of the nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory and reproductive systems.

Unit Code: HEALT1111

Credit Points: 15